Fairy Tale Retellings


5 Questions to Ask When Writing a Fairy Tale Retelling by Maxi Bransdale

Here is her lead for Question 2, which is a simple and useful breakdown of approaches to re-visioning.

In my experience, there are four overarching ways to handle a retelling.

The other questions were not as interesting for me.


Books for Creatives

These 7 Books are Necessary Reading for All Creatives via Product Hunt

There is no “right” way to unleash your creative potential, but we’re believers in learning from the greats and creating your own artistic roadmap based on what resonates with you.

The Self Taught Artist (or writer)

Ten Tips for the Self Taught Artist by Ardith Goodwin

A good article about art (that also applies to writers) but I loved this paragraph
“Never let anyone else, or yourself, convince you that your marks don’t matter. Every mark we make from doodling to scribbles to the fine lines of a finished piece are the steps it takes to achieve greatness. Without the little steps, the big steps wouldn’t connect. We are not giants…we are humans that through courage and grace have chosen the calling to be a creative. We create marks to learn, to grow, to expand our point of view, and to share with others. EVERY SINGLE MARK MATTERS…it does. Go make your marks. ”  – Ardith Goodwin

Townscaping: Naming Your Fake Town

Scott Tracey - Young Adult Writer


About nine months ago, I wrote a post about creating your own fake town.  To this day, it’s one of the most actively read posts on my blog – people are still finding me via that post.   And it’s still the reason why people FIND my blog.  So I figured I would do a series of posts, elaborating on some of those ideas.

First up: how and what to name your fake town.


Let’s face it.  Naming a fake town is one of the coolest parts of coming up with your own setting.  Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like Arkham, Idaho; Cemetery Junction, California; or Bloodlust, Indiana?  A fun name will keep you excited, it will (hopefully) intrigue your readers, and it  can really say something about the strange goings on in this sleepy Midwestern burb.

In my mind, there’s at least three different…

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How to Create Your Own Fake Town

Scott Tracey - Young Adult Writer

So one of the things I’m a fan of in novels is the “fake town.”  Also known as the “fictional city,” the “imaginary inlet,” or the “hypothetical hot spot.”  Or maybe I’m the only one who thinks of them like that?  Ahem.  Okay, moving on.

So what’s the point of crafting your own town to set the story in, versus using an established city.   I think the main benefit is the ease with which you can write.  If you use an established city, then you’re expected to do more research.  But if you create your own town, you can just make it all up as you go.  Now there are pros and cons to this.ptaerial

The pros are obvious:  you can build up the town however you like, and whatever’s going to make your job easier.  It has whatever history you want it to have.  Who cares if there’s not…

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